Harold Edgerton

26th August 2019


Jonathan Shaw (2003), Time/motion. UK: Dewi Lewis Publishing

Although this book offers only a brief introduction to Harold Edgerton and his work, I purchased it because it also covers Eadweard Muybridge, whose exhibition I went to see at Tate Britain in 2011. I loved the history of and the work and images of both Muybridge and his photography career. So it was a bonus book for me. Again a second hand purchase. I am also waiting for a book solely about Edgerton to arrive which I will review later called, Seeing the Unseen.

Page 95

This book is another ‘arty’ design with text split into two columns on one page separated only by their differing font. Quite nice to view as a whole aesthetically, but a little off putting when trying to read the text. The text covers the photographers process and explains them in depth using the science of photography, for example it talks about electrical engineering and labels Edgerton as a scientist. A quick read, but very informative.

Two columns, two different fonts pg94

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