Andreas Gursky

02nd October 2019

Gursky’s website can be found here.

Most of Gursky’s work is produced large scale and shows objects, people and places that are dwarfed by an extensive landscape. Much of his work appears abstract where for example, people become pebble dashed spots of colour quite like a pointillist painting which can be seen in the following two photographs taken from The White Cube’s website.

Loveparade, 2001
Cocoon II, 2008

The following image has been obtained from The Tate website. In this image the colour of the peoples clothes and the arrangement of tables and chairs as well as the tiered seating areas have created an abstract pattern and the people have been lost in the chaos of the event and because they are so small.

Chicago, Board of Trade II 1999 Andreas Gursky born 1955 Presented by the artist 2000

Many of Gursky’s people images have vibrant colours and very intricate details of their environment. I particularly like how he conveys the smallness of mankind in a huge environment and how we then become lost and insignificant in the world around us.

These particular images are interested to see but they do not catch my eye or imagination. I do like however how he conveys the world, architecture, industrialisation and people in an abstract way.

This style is not for me. I would like to do it because I can stay hidden from people but it would not stimulate me as much as candid photographs would.

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