Assignment one

30th September 2019



Feedback on Assignment

How do you think the final images sit together as a whole? You have split the series into sections, how do these visually link together?

Tutor David Wyatt

I had never thought about how the images sit together as a whole before. In fact it seems obvious now as my tutor had pointed out, I had split my series into sections which are text and dumped objects. I have always gone out on a shoot for a topic then subdivided that topic so it will be interesting to see how my mind set will change by not doing this.

During my discussion with David it suddenly dawned on me that I had to think not just about the theme and the shots within it but how they would look visually together. This, for me, is quite exciting as I love planning and research which is an old teaching habit of mine. So in my head now I visualise the finished series in an exhibition space where they are seen together and you can see a relationship in their theme.

Although my work does cover the theme of ‘Traces’ and shows the text and dumped objects within a specific area, my images do not visually link together apart from sharing the same title.

For this to happen I would need to develop and communicate the title more to provide a wider social context.

I now need to think about how I would be able to link text and objects in a series?

To do this I would need to set the scene with an image that communicates the environment in which the text and objects are found. I mention the X22 bus stop – where is it? Where is there a reference to it apart from in the title?

When I next go back to take more photographs I will set the scene with the opening shots of the X22 bus stop with its surrounding environment. These wide angled shots I would shoot with my 20mm lens as it is what I use for my street photography when I want images that I call ‘like I see’ images.

From here I would crop into specificities parts of the environment to show the signs, text and dumped objects in situ and then close ups of them. This way it becomes a journey from: wide angle images to cropped images to details which includes zooming in to create abstract images of patterns, lines, shapes and colour etc… David also reminded me of different heights as he often uses a ladder. I am known for laying on the ground a lot – I have tripped up many people who were not looking where they were going!

Looking at the contact sheets, I wold recommend not being afraid to shoot more images. Not everything has to be a definite contender for a final image, you might make images from an angle you don’t think will work just to see what it looks like as a photograph.

Tutor David Wyatt

This did make me smile. I am definitely not afraid to take more photographs, it is just that when I was in college in the 80’s studying O’level Photography I was known for getting the best quality shots out of a 36 roll of film by carefully thinking about my shots. Now, all these years later, I am still in that mind set although the reality is that with digital photography you can erase images you do not like instantly and take as many as you wish.

I will have to jump out of my comfort zone and shoot, shoot, shoot and then delete and review in camera and take more photographs by analysing those already taken and altering shot properties in camera and by the eye (composition etc…)

… image management becomes increasingly important as you will make many, many more images over the course and being able to keep things well organised is massively helpful. I would recommend using Lightroom and a workflow based on Peter Krogh’s writing in the various editions of his ‘The Dam Book’, using Lightroom as your main database.

Tutor David Wyatt

I have downloaded Lightroom and have had a look at some tutorials on YouTube. I have also bought the ‘The DAM Book‘ from Amazon, however it has to come from America so that could be up to a months delivery time on the book.



A quick comment in response to your 2nd post on 100 photos. ‘We’ know that what ‘we’ see on a monitor is the same as what another photographer sees because ‘we’ profile our monitors.

Tutor David Wyatt

I had read some more about this from the internet and had already purchased datacolor Spyder Pro which is monitor calibration hardware/software.


… consider making each section about a new photographer a separate post, to help subsequent navigation…

Tutor David Wyatt

I have completed this by re-writing and copy and pasting the existing research onto individual posts so that they appear in a drop down menu. Much easier to locate each photographer now.

Learning Log

… You might consider attending some study days with the OCA and contributing to the forum…

This is a very tricky one. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder with Acute Anxiety – although the last one depends which alter I am, as they vary in confidence depending on who I have split into.

With the DID it is difficult to function because everyday I do not choose who I am. I do not switch all the time, sometimes a stressful time, a PTSD trigger or tiredness from nightmares and not sleeping cause a personality trigger. I could say yes to going on a trip because I am the ‘teacher’ or the ‘artist’ yet wake up or be triggered in to a sobbing domestic violence victim with panic attacks or perhaps the immature, bubbly teenager. Then there is the question, ‘What happens if I switch while on a study day?’ This is why I tend to stay in doors or go out on my own.

As with the forum, I find it very hard to find anything as there are so many colours and a different layout to what I am use to. This is my problem not the websites and I should persevere more but can’t be bothered if the truth is known. Once I have the college work completed for the day then I have to home tutor my daughter who has autism, run the house and then collapse from exhaustion.

Suggested reading/ viewing

Because of your stated interest in found text I can’t really think of a better book than for you to look at than Lee Friedlander’s, ‘Letters From The People.’

Tutor David Wyatt

I have managed to locate some copies on eBay @ £60 each. I will have to save for this as I cannot justify that amount at the moment as I am in the process of selling my house with so many costs. However if I put some away every week I will be able to purchase this book.

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