Gina Lundy

10th September 2019

Gina Lundy – Academy

Follow this link to Gina Lundy’s website to view the work, ‘Academy.’

Quoted from the work ‘Academy,’ by Gina Lundy

Gina Lundy’s, ‘Academy’ is inspiring. It is this style of photography that I would like to produce. It is a documentary style with a raw, gritty feel to the images, they are honest and real.

The slide show opens with an outside shot of the Academy. An empty playground, desolate, quiet and void of the hustle and gathering groups of its pupils. This focus shot sets the scene and the images that follow tells the story of the Academy.

Academy – 2008-2010 © Gina Lundy

It captures snippets of the visual stimuli in the school which includes parts of the building in different states of deterioration with scrapes, graffiti, grime, chipping of walls, trace marks left by chairs, close-up shots of tables and line markings on a gym floor, portraits of students etc… It is such a strong series and records a slice of our culture, society and signs of the ‘time.’

Academy – 2008-2010 © Gina Lundy

Unfortunately I couldn’t find this series produced in book format and then researching further on Google I came across a link to the OCA website and I found out that Gina Lundy is an OCA tutor…. my jaw has just dropped, thumbs up inspiration!

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