Chloe Juno

12th September 2019

Chloe Juno – Someones Rubbish

Someones Rubbish over 2500 images on Instagram. Photos taken daily from 2014. Looking at everyday life in the centre of Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, Britain.  The objects people use and discard, a street museum of now, looking at the cost of living, the things we need to use in this life, for play, work, education, health, beauty, food, sex, love, drugs, debts, money, bills, general domestic life.  Over time I have also realised, that many of the objects I am drawn too document, are things I have used or relate to in some way.  As the collection builds patterns form, representing of a section of a city. A big picture of life now. 

Chloe Juno – website link

This is the same theme that I have been working on for many years as well. However, Juno has been lucky enough to shoot a varied series of objects, mine are usually the same old thing and quite boring in comparison. I have also noticed that Juno does as I do, and that is to crop into her objects so they become a still life in their own right. I am now believing I need not only to do this but to show the bigger picture so that when the objects photographs are shown with the landscape in which they lie a comparison/ story can be made by the viewer and the context is set.

If we see the two photographs below, it looks like they have been found then arranged. Who would drop a necklace in such a perfect composition with the drawing the correct way up? Luck?

Perfect crisp, correct way up ‘paper?’

The tube of blue gunk which I think may be toothpaste. Just laying there oozing as the photographer past and isn’t dried but looks freshly squeezed.

These images make me ask such questions as – Did she find them and then arranged them for effect? Would this alter the meaning from documentation to conceptual photography?

Perhaps I should begin to visit places more to create a series, for example, ‘The Discarded’ in seaside towns, in city centres, in notorious red light spots, around certain bus stops or translations, alleyways etc. so that my series works take on more interesting and varied sets of images.

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