Project 2 Shadows (outdoors)

A Quick Pic

This project involves hunting for strong shadows and highlights in an outdoor environment lit by strong sunlight… Try to make pictures with feeling.


Well we are now into the second week of waiting for sunlight, unfortunately I have had only one chance of broken sunlight to try out this project.

For me though, shadows are not just about those that have been created by objects with strong and interesting shapes, for example, below I have people and bike shadows, but also shadows that create form and texture. There is nothing better for me than looking for and finding these shadows. I particularly like strong shadows which provide a very dark contrast to the main image theme. Sometime I overexpose the scene purposefully by shooting into the light. I do not worry about loosing details as I like to focus on shapes and the abstracts that I then can see.

What I shall do, is show the very few I managed to get within a half of an hour sunlight and then present a couple from my back catalogue. Not an ideal situation but I want to be able to press on with my projects and research.

Chosen Outside Shadow Work

The photographs taken within such a short time span are ‘Okay.’ Unfortunately the sun was not strong, so many of the shadows were defused. Due to this I manipulated them within photoshop by turning them into black and white and altering the contrast ever so slightly.

While I was shooting, I tried different angles as seen in the first two shots, different textures on which the shadows fell, and I also looked for lines and squares in man made objects like walls and walkways so that the shadows crossed them making further patterns. With the shots that have houses within them and the shed drain pipe I was looking how the shadows helped create form three dimensionally. This can especially be seen in the first black and white image, and if you see the image below I have circled specific areas where the shadows are important to define the three dimensional forms of the house.

The final shot of the wooden walkway with plant shadow, I inverted so that I obtained an abstract image, one that I particularly like.

3rd September 2019

Extra outdoor shadow work

Today was a bright day, so I immediately thought, ‘shadows.’ While I was waiting for a cab I popped over the road to a swing park. I managed to get some varied shots of shadows which were cast by unusual shaped play structures, as well as shadows that were cast by concrete constructions for skateboarding and table tennis. These constructions cast shadows across their shapes which highlighted their three-dimensional forms.

Below: Contact sheet number one, which is the outcome of the photographs as they were taken. Then the following two contact sheets show Manipulated levels/colour, version (two), and a black and white version (three).

Version one – original
Version two – manipulated
Version three – black and white

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