GH5 Manuals

“Fantastic things will never come from my comfort zone of the iA button. Progress and success will only come from trying the unknown and using manual settings…”

Dawn Tomlin 31st July 2019

Setting up my camera for the OCA photography course was my first challenge. Gone were the days of iA clicking and here were the new unknown days of routing around my cameras menu.

I was both excited at the prospect of actually arriving at this technological starting point, but at the same time absolutely terrified and daunted at the sheer amount I had to learn. in fact I even feel ashamed.

Apart from setting the camera to manual mode, everything else, for example setting the RAW, ISO and white balance etc… could only be set by reading the camera manuals that I had.

I had already purchased a book called The Panasonic GH5 Menu System Simplified, by David Thorpe. Although it was very informative the fact that I didn’t understand specific camera terms and I was unable to easily find things in the manual due to a lack of an index, I was spending hours trying to cross reference things and actually find them on the camera.

In the end I reverted back to the original basic instruction manual that came with the camera as well as the online advanced instruction manual.

After reading through the information with my camera in hand, I had found out how change certain specifications for the manual settings I required. The downside for me was that I have now found loads more settings in the menu that are on/off etc… and I am not sure what the heck they are supposed to be set at for me. I am now going to have to research what these settings are and if they are needed.

One step forwards and one step back…

  • Thorpe, D (2017). The Panasonic GH5 Menu system Simplified. Great Britain: Amazon

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