New Beginnings

Welcome to my online learning log for the OCAs Foundations in Photography Course.

My journey into improving my technical photographic skills starts here and I already feel daunted by the sheer amount I have neglected to bother to learn about over the past 40 years.

I was given my first camera at the age of ten for a Christmas present from my Nan and Grandad Lake. Then my mum bought me a second hand Pentax K1000 film camera for my 18th birthday present because I was studying ‘O’ Level photography at college as part of an art course. I used this camera until it died in 2004 and with it my enthusiasm died, I didn’t know which camera to purchase next.

This is when I bought my first digital camera, then my second and so on over many years, upgrading only due to the amount of pixels they were offering. I was enthusiastic again but I didn’t feel as comfortable with the new technology as I did with my Pentax and I certainly didn’t know how to handle these cameras, I felt disjointed from them.

I ended up buying a Nikon D700, my husband at the time was not pleased with the price tag but I was determined to get to grips with the functions, terminology and to shoot manually. FAIL. I used the cameras auto settings non stop again. There were far too many settings for this and that, and I couldn’t be bothered to work through manuals, read camera specific books or watch YouTube videos.

The camera I am using now is the Panasonic GH5 Lumix. With increasing hand and finger pain I need a lighter camera. It has many, many more settings and sub settings and again I am just using the iA setting.

Well enough is enough I say. I want to be in control of my photography and move forwards and the only way for me to do that is in a structured programme with tutor guidance. I have a lot to learn technically in the camera and on the computer and now I cannot be a lazy photographer.

My Journey has begun…..

Cameras that I use: Panasonic Lumix GH5, a Ricoh Theta SC 360, an iPhone Camera, Polaroid 1000 Land Camera, and Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 and Instax Wide 300 cameras.

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